Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Baaaaccccckkkkk ;)

So I've been staring at the blinking cursor for awhile now. I knew I wanted to come back, just not really sure how.  So, here goes...

I know I abandoned this blog a loooong time ago, but I've been keeping {fairly} busy over at my other blog with creative and crafty stuff.  The biggest thing keeping me busy?  Take a guess...

Yep, a baby on the way!  He's actually due this coming Friday, so I feel like a walking time bomb.  Maybe he'll make a fourth of July appearance ;).  He's also a big reason why I wanted to come back to this blog -- I'm going to need a TON of motivation to drop the baby weight!  

And while I've been gaining, hubby's become quite the runner.  

Wasn't he supposed to be gaining sympathy weight...? Anyhoo, with one solid 1/2 under his belt, his next goal is the White Rock 1/2 in December. While that's probably a lofty goal for me at this point, I do want to get a 5k under my belt before the end of the year.  And maybe start training for a spring half?  ;)

I probably won't be back to this blog until after baby, but looking forward to catching up with everyone else's stuff in the meantime!  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Runs

I forgot to bring my iPod to the office the other day, so I found myself listening to the music on my blog.  And, it reminded me that I have some running to do.  Perhaps I should add "Avoid procrastinating" to my New Year's Resolution list ...

Thanks for all the great tips for running with dogs -- my husky's been rearing to go, though I've found it more convenient to stay out of the 16 degree weather.  Yes, my friends, 16 degrees here in ol' dusty Texas. But the temps are on the rise ... which means my excuses are on the decline.

My brother-in-law's running the America's 1/2 Marathon at Texas Stadium in April.  I toyed with the idea of doing the 1/2, but wasn't sure I'd be ready.  However, since my hubby's sister is looking for a little motivation in the working out department, she and I decided to sign up for the 5k.  It'll be nice to have a goal in mind for those days when I really don't feel like doing squat.  And, it'll be a nice way to ease back into a routine of some sort.  

Who knows, perhaps another 1/2 is in my future for the summer ...

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Running Buddy

I've been itching to lace up my sneaks for awhile now.  So, I took my husky running with me this afternoon for the first time ever.  Sure, we've been on countless walks and car rides, and she's always a sweet and well-mannered dog.  But I was a little skeptical of how she would do running.  I learned a few things:
  1. Huskies pull.  HARD. 
  2. Always bring a baggie for ... um ... accidents.
  3. Even when running, they'll still want to mark everything.
  4. Doesn't matter which direction you're going, they want to go the opposite.
  5. If they smell a rabbit, prepare to trip over every curb and shrub to get to it.
  6. They. Never. Get. Tired.
After a mile, I was able to reign her in and get her home.  Perhaps we'll try the harness next time.  At least we got to enjoy a break in the cold weather -- sunny and 70 this time of year?  I'll take it!  Of course, tomorrow's supposed to be back in the low 40s.  I'm guessing the cooler weather will only make my husky more frisky ...

Ohwell.  I can already tell she's going to be a great motivator ... and I need every ounce of it!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snuggies & Four-Legged Friends

Well, I'm curled up with my warm Snuggie watching The Biggest Loser finale.  I'm rooting for Amanda to win the title and Abby to win the at-home prize.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens ...

In light of the finale, I dusted off my Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred video over the weekend.  While it's only 20 minutes, my arms are still sore.  And, because it's short, there's no excuses why I can't fit it into my schedule.

I also re-discovered the Fit TV channel last night -- a plethora of exercise shows to keep my workouts interesting and anything but boring, especially on these rainy winter days.  I even attempted Shimmy last night, based off belly dancing.  Yeah, so my hips don't exactly move like Shakira, but it was a great ab workout without feeling like one.

I'm guessing after this finale I'll have to trade in my Snuggie for my sweats and attempt a quick workout before bed.  If this rain will ever stop, I'm thinking of turning my husky into my new running buddy.  She's been about as lazy as I have over the past few months, and I know it'll be good for the both of us.  

But I am a little nervous -- should I use a collar or harness?  Does she need a warm up?  I'm pretty sure she's in better shape than I am, but still want to start her right.  Any other tips to running with dogs??

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello World!

Well, folks, it's been awhile!  Over the past few months, I've had several people ask me or e-mail me about this blog, wondering where I've been and if I'm ever coming back.  It's a wonderful feeling knowing that maybe -- just maybe -- I've been able to motivate and inspire others.  

But I've come to realize that this blog is what was motivating me.  My posts held me accountable, your blogs kept me inspired, and your comments kept me going.  I really never meant to stop blogging -- one lazy day just led to another, which led to another ... which ends today.  Right now.  In this moment.

I would be lying if I said I didn't miss running.  And I would be lying if I said that I've laced up my sneaks more than twice in the last few months.  I'm not going to set any crazy goals (yet) or go all Jillian Michaels on the world.  Nope.  Just going to make the simple promise of being more active.  Of finding a balance and routine.  Of enjoying my white chocolate mochas with extra whipped cream and enjoying how it feels to break a sweat.

Ahhhh, it feels good to be back! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goodbye to a Legend -- Hope for the Future

By now I'm sure everyone has heard about the passing of Patrick Swayze.  I can't even begin to imagine the struggles he went through, the pain he and his family endured.  At least -- maybe now -- the family can begin to find peace.

I don't hear about pancreatic cancer very often.  I knew that Swayze had it, and it was mentioned on an episode of House last night.  But I had no idea how horrific it is -- the statistics for those with pancreatic cancer are mind-numbing.  Only 13% live for a year after diagnosis, and only 3% survive for five years.  Wow. 

But it sounds like there's hope.  I ran across an article this morning about a new advance form of radiotherapy that can actually target the tumor, meaning higher doses of radiation can be used without damaging surrounding tissue.  You can read more about it here -- it's actually quite an interesting article. 

And a little hope can be a big thing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things That Go Bump

Hope every one had a great Labor Day weekend!  Just a quick note that I've *moved* my crafty blog!  You can now find it at

In other non-news, I stayed busy this past week with pilates, the 30-Day Shred and playing catch with J ... which led to nursing a knot after catching a pop fly with my head.  Ouch would be a complete understatement!  

Surprisingly, though, no rush to the ER was necessary.  You would think I would have passed out or bled or had a really cool bruise to talk about.  But nope, just went down like a sack of concrete in the middle of the field, tears splashing down my cheeks ... yet I couldn't stop laughing.  Poor J, I think I scared a few years out of him.

One of these days I'll get him back for all of the softballs I've caught with my body and not my glove ... 

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