Monday, December 22, 2008

Pushing Through the Holidays

Luckily we got our Team Run in Saturday morning before the arctic front blew in that afternoon. I ran with Suzanne, our fundraising mentor, for the first three miles. It was great to run with someone as experienced as she is, and it pushed me to keep up with her.

I was supposed to hit eight miles, but ended up doing only four. Oops. I'll make up the mileage at some point this week, in between stuffing my face with holiday treats and making last minute trips to the mall to finish Christmas shopping.

The hubby Justin and I went to the Dallas Cowboys' final game at Texas Stadium on Saturday, and it was awesome. Think I can count the constant sitting down / standing up as a workout? ;-)


Anonymous said...

It is tough this time of year balancing everything. Way to get in a run even if it was shorter than you wanted.

Nat said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas...

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