Monday, August 10, 2009

Here I Go Again

I didn't exactly leap out of bed when the alarm went off this morning. By the time I did get up, the sun was beaming through the windows and my stomach was growling for some breakfast. After downing a granola bar, checking e-mail and working on a few slides for my presentation at work, it was already 10:30. No excuses, I told myself.

I changed into running clothes and dug through the sock drawer in vain trying to find two that matched. No excuses. Wearing one pink sock and one blue sock, I rummaged around looking for my watch. I couldn't leave without my watch. I had only 30 minutes to spare in my hectic schedule. No excuses.

I gave up and strapped on my iPod. Only it was dead. How can I run without my tunes? I ran up the stairs and tried to find my old one, only it was dead too. Seriously, no music? No excuses.

With no music, no watch and mismatched socks, I finally headed out the door. It was super hot already, but it felt good to feel the sweat beading up on my skin. And to feel my legs fall back into an old habit. I put in just over a mile ... slow, but still a mile. With no excuses.

*Thanks to Running Around Acres for suggesting the awesome Whitesnake song playing now -- will be adding it to my iPod tonight!


TNTcoach Ken said...

We'd better work on that prep thing. At least you got out for a mile, baby steps.

Marlene said...

Good job getting out there, mismatched socks and all!

Adam said...

"Even the longest journey begins with a single step"

Although, I'm not sure if the author of that quote was wearing mismatched socks. that probably puts you in the "more hard core" column.

Nice work!

Izzy said...

Lesson learned: I should just buy white socks so I don't have to worry about matching them :)

Running Around Acres said...

I don't run with music too often, but I have to have it afterwards. That's when I need a pickup. Glad my song gets added to your list.

Katie said...

Hey Katie! Glad to have you back at the blog post. I'm feeling the same way you've been talking about - not sure what the next running gig' will be. I am going to do this adventure tri this fall - kayak, bike, run - which is something I'm really excited about. I'm so glad that the 1/2 marathon went so well for you - way to go!!

Alexander said...

Ah, how I envy you Katie. The simple joy of running and working up a sweat. When you can't run due to an injury or other medical issue, you realize how much one takes running ( or even walking) for granted.

lindsay said...

hey 1 > 0! at least you got out there and didn't let any of those little things get in your way. small steps. stay focused and motivated! as long as you get out there and log something you are winning :)

Dano said...

You go in thinking you'll do an event, that these TNT people look cool, that you'll give it a try.
Next thing you know, it's a way of life. Bliss.

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