Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tax-free at Run On

Hey Texas runners! If you're heading out to take advantage of tax-free weekend and want new running gear, check out the deals at places like Run On. Their discounts include:

  • Buy one pair of shoes, get 15% off all additional pairs (discount applied to highest priced shoe).
  • Buy $50 worth of apparel, get 15% off all additional apparel.

Not to mention no tax on all items under $100, including shoes, socks, caps and apparel. Not too shabby!

*And thanks, Dano, for suggesting to add Sister Hazel (playing now) to my iPod. I forgot how much I enjoy them! :)


lindsay said...

sweet deal! i hope you are out shopping :)

Adam said...

Dang, boy did I miss out here:

1. not in TX
2. about 3 days too late


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