Friday, August 7, 2009

Wanted: New Running Playlist

I'm chewing on your wonderful race suggestions and will figure it out eventually. As many of you have said, I just need to get back out there. So out there I will go. My goal next week is to put in a short run Monday, Wednesday and Friday -- I'm thinking a mile or so. Baby steps, people!

So over the weekend, I need to wash my running clothes, dust off the sneaks and update my iPod running playlist. I desperately need some new tunes to help spice things up -- and I'd like your help building my playlist!

What do you listen to when running? What tunes pump you up? What song will be the key to all of my running successes ... er, or at least get me out of bed in the morning? :)


Running Around Acres said...

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again, does it for me

lindsay said...

i don't listen to music when i run but these songs pump me up, provided you don't mind a little hip hop sensation :)

overtime - akon (i think?)
single ladies - beyonce
heart of a champion - nelly
let it rock - kevin rudolf

my fiance likes "mighty wings" by cheap trick (top gun soundtrack) and anything from rocky, if that's more your style!

i listen to country music lately when i drive but hip hop always has that good beat that gets me moving when i need to be moving!

BeachRunner said...

Hey! Its me. LOL.
I only use tunes for treadmill runs (pouring rain or freezing cold winter days). But I need help in this area too.
Green Day is one of my favs.

Racn4acure said...

Can't help you there, Katie. I love music but always want to have both ears open when I am sharing the road on foot with a lot of nutcases driving 3,000 moving objects. ;) Good luck and happy running. Art

Katie said...

Great suggestions!!

I have to listen to something, otherwise I just hear the huffing & puffing of my own body trying to make it :). Of course, if I was on a busy road then I would keep at least one ear open!

Dano said...

Of all the songs that have gotten me excited on the course and in life, nothing seems to hit the spot like practically the entire album "Fortress" by Sister Hazel. Race week I intend to share my very favorite on my blog.

Adam said...

My playlist is painfully out of date. It is still circa 1999 pop music. Blah. Makes me want to run faster to end the misery!

RunnerDude said...

These might give you a few ideas for our play list.

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